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Xerox Ultramagnet 305X457mm 1300Gm2 FSC4 Pack 50 003R92136



The Xerox UltraMagnet is an unmagnetised, cut-sheet solution with a glossy coated paper facesheet which can be used to produce customised, multi-up, personalised magnets. This product provides an unprecedented amount of flexibility and creativity allowing on-demand and short run production of direct mail and promotional advertising magnets.<br><br>Use For: Souvenir fridge magnets Tourist attractions/theme parks Reminder notices/car service Kids clubs/slimming clubs Health & Safety notices Fridge contents and dates Cleaning procedures

  • Requires magnetising before use
  • Works well on steel substrates
  • Perfect for utilities/fast food/taxi cab applications


Type Specialist Papers
Manufacturer Antalis Limited
Brand Xerox
Eco-Aware Yes
Environment Support FSC Certified

£186.45 exc VAT

£186.45 exc VAT